Brief History of Illustration Art

In the 1950's and earlier, most all magazines, billboards, and calendars were illustrated by talented artists. This was an era where Haddon Sundblom painted the first Santa Claus as we see him today for The Coca Cola Company, Joyce Ballentyne painted the Coppertone Suntan girl who had her swimsuit tugged on by a playful puppy and pinup art was so popular that the WWII flight crews would paint their favorite pinup girl / calendar girl on the nose of their aircraft, these are only a couple examples of the lasting influence these artists have had on American culture. Since then, these illustration artists have all been replaced by photography and digital art. In recent years illustration art has been recognized as fine art by art collectors around the world and has become very sought after. Gilette Elvgren's pin-up paintings have sold for more than $250,000, Alberto Vargas pin-up paintings have sold for over $300,000, Norman Rockwell's paintings have sold for well over $1,000,000 and Andy Warhol's paintings have sold for several million dollars.

A new generation has taken interest in the vintage pinup style. Fashion model Dita von Teese has expertly reproduced the look of the legendary Bettie Page.

There is at least one Illustration artist from this era that is still with us and painting, his name is Baron von Lind. He was born and raised in Minnesota, which happened to be one of the major sources of illustration art for the country, especially pin-up art.

Baron von Lind has been an artist his entire adult life with the exception of serving in the military. Baron has been commissioned to paint portraits for celebrities, royalty, and presidents, wildlife, western and classical fine art but he has a passion for painting vintage pin-up girls and Hollywood glamour girls, like he painted in the 1950's for calendars and magazines. He still paints these vintage pin-ups and glamour girls today, giving us a wonderful view of days gone by.

In recent years, Baron's vintage pin-up art has been getting world wide attention from both art collectors and corporations. A few of the companies that have used Baron's original pin-up art are Lone Star Brewery, Miller Brewery, cigar shops, distilleries, calendars, magazines, and even used for postage stamps for the country of Benin, West Africa. Baron prefers to use oil paint on canvas and it shows as you look at one of his amazing oil paintings.