Baron von Lind Biography

Classical and vintage pinup artist Jerry (Baron) von Lind has devoted his life to art, with the exception of serving in the military, perfecting his artistic skills through the years in all phases of the art profession. He assumed his ancestral name of "von Lind" and is known by that name. Baron Von Lind uses the title "Baron" in his artwork, especially his pin up art, because his paternal grandfather, Johann von Lind, was an Austrian Baron, and that title descended to Jerry von Lind as the last remaining sibling. He studied art at the University of Minnesota, Duluth and later continued his studies in Europe where he focused on the classical paintings of the masters.

He started as a young apprentice in a publishing firm in Duluth, Minnesota doing graphic art and advanced through the years in fields of art direction, illustrator of magazine art, designer, portrait painter, pin up art, sculptor and classical painter. His early venue was in wildlife, western, editorial, calendar and advertising art. In the late 1950s while doing work for the St. Paul, Minnesota based calendar company, Brown & Bigelow, he met and became inspired by such artists as Gillette Elvgren, Bill Metcalf, Fritz Wills and others. Baron von Lind has a passion for painting vintage style pin ups, these pin ups have become sought after by collectors around the world. He continues to paint these amazing vintage style pin up girls and glamour girls today.

In past years he has done portraits of celebrities and stars. He provided illustrations, designs and sculptures for such companies as General Mills, Pillsbury, Budweiser, Coors, Schlitz, Pabst, Lone Star, Miller, Coca-Cola, 3M, Control Data, IBM, Proctor-Gamble, Lakeside Industries, Jax Games, True Magazine, Avon and Bantam paperbacks, McCall's, Parents Magazine, Bright Ideas Magazine and several other publications and companies. In the 1960s he did work for Paramount Pictures doing movie posters and portraits for such movie stars as Sophia Loren, Peter O'Toole, Yul Brynner, Clint Eastwood, Harey Carey, and more recent Shirley Jones, Jan Shepard, Elizabeth Taylor.

Of all the paintings he has done over the years, over 1,000, the most prestigious personalities include the commissioned portrait of President Ronald Reagan in 1982, a sculptured bust of Ronald Reagan in 1976 while he was govenor of California, as well as one commissioned by Queen Elizabeth of England in 1990. He also painted the portrait of the famous American Indian potter, Margaret Tafoya and her husband which hangs in the National Museum of Women in the Arts, in Washington, DC.

The President Reagan portrait which hung in the White House during his presidential term now hangs in the Reagan Museum in Simi Valley, California.

His painting titled "Mission 207" was dedicated on May 14, 2004, at March Air Force Base and is now permanently displayed as part of the museum's history honoring the men and aircraft of the World War II era. Inspired by the mission so named in which his older brother, Robert, was killed over Germany.

In 2002 he was honored by the West African Country of Benin when they issued 11 official postage stamps in various denominations, bearing his pin ups. These stamps have since become collectors items. In October 2004, he discussed his art and history during a televison interview broadcast in San Diego, California.

His pin up art can be seen on several websites all over the world and their images produced on products sold in stores from Moscow to the United States.

Residing now in Southern Florida, he spent 10 years in California and prior to that in his native Minnesota. Though probably best known for his vintage pinups his real love in painting is in the neoclassical style and many art connoisseurs will recognize that Baron von Lind's inspiration comes from one of history's best known artists renowned for painting the human form, the style and work of the 19th Century French artisan, William Bouguereau. Like Bouguereau, the Baron's art "captures the subtle nuances of personality and mood."

He devotes as much of his time as he can to his family of 7 children but the rest of his time is devoted to creating art and hoping with each painting to bring some joy, inspiration or just pleasure to the possible viewer. As he stated in an article written for an art publication in 1987, where he eludes to creating images that provoke gentle thoughts of peaceful tranquility for the viewer to enter into, if for only a brief moment of escape from the turmoils of modern day trials and events..."so I will continue on with my 'magnificent obsession' to create a dream or two that, who knows, maybe perhaps someday...even you may enter".

This is his quest, his wish, his work, his purpose in life to share this talent that God so graciously bestowed on him, not for his own personal profit or acclaim, but to share with the world.

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